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Many resources are available for senior adults in Oracle through Pinal County and local organizations. 

Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens

Area Agency on Aging, Region V

8969 W. McCartney Rd., Casa Grande AZ 85194


Fax: 520-421-2033

Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens (PGCSC) offers a wide range of services for seniors, persons with disabilities, and caregivers either through direct programs or through a network of provider agencies. For more information contact 520-836-2758 or 1-800-293-9393. 

Services provided include: 

Aging, Disability, and Caregiver Resources

- Telephone Assistance with information and referral to network and community services

- PGCSC Senior Connections Resource Guide

-Muriel Joy McGillicuddy Resource Center with computer lab and library. 

-Kate L. Youtsey Conference, Education, and Training Center

-Relevant education workshops and forums

-PGCSC Website: - Aging & Disability Resource and Assistance - Community Information and Referral Services

- ABIL-PGCSC Home Care SErvices (ALTCS and Private Pay)

Independent Living Services

  •  Caregiver Support Services

    • Caregiver Support Groups

    • Caregiver Education & Training

    • Caregiver Respite

    • Grandparent Caregiver Resource

    • Annual Caregiver Conferences

  •  Health Promotion

    • Fall Prevention

    • Chronic Disease Management

    • Community Health Fairs

  •  Behavioral Health

    • Medication Management Education

    • Depression & Suicide Risk Education

    • Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions

    • Referrals to Mental Health Services & Resources

  •  Santa Cruz Village Apartments

A senior and persons with disability low-income independent living complex. (HUD 202 Section 8)

Legal Services

Legal assistance and advocacy services to seniors. Visits are made to senior center sites on designated dates. Services include assistance with simple wills, landlord/tenant issues, debts, informational probates, income only trusts (ALTCS), guardianship/ conservatorships, beneficiary deeds, financial abuse, and other related services. Telephone 520-836-2758 or 1-800-293-9393. 

Mobility Management

Mobility management focuses on meeting individual customer needs through a wide range of transportation options and service providers include service coordination to achieve a more efficient transportation service delivery system and promote driver safety education and coordination of training activity. 

Benefits, Entitlement & Advocacy 

SOS Programs

SHIP State Health Insurance Program

Volunteer benefit counselors and staff provide free objective information to seniors, persons with disabilities, and caregivers. Services include assistance with options and coverage under Medicare, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Advantage Plan Comparisons. Information and enrollment assistance also provided for low income-related programs: Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) provides extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs, Medicare Saving Programs (QMB, SLMB, QI-1) pay Medicare Part B premium cost, and AHCCCS and ALTCS eligibility and information. 

Ombudsman Program, Long Term Care

Volunteers are specifically trained to advocate for quality care in long term care facilities. The Ombudsman works with residents, families, staff, and others to resolve care issues. 

Senior Medicare Patrol, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Abuse

The Senior Patrol Volunteers help fight and prevent Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse, increase public awareness, and provide information and referrals.

Adult Care Essentials

ACE provides an opportunity to sit down with a trained Care OPtions Planner to review your present and future needs. It provides an opportunity to make sound decisions on essentials in assessing the level of independence and planning for long-term care; in-home support services; preparing for limited mobility and other disability services and provides service options for licensed skilled and assisted living facilities. 

Home Care

Coordinated in-home care and support needed to remain at home. 

  • Care Management

Clients are visited in their homes and assessed for in-home care services eligibility.

* Must be at least 60 years of age and functionally impaired. 

* Disabled individuals 18 to 59 years of age with a diagnosed disability that substantially limits an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living.


  • Housekeeping/Home-Making

Assistance with performing activities related to routine household maintenance.

  • Personal Care

Provides assistance with personal and physical care needs.

  • Attendant Care

Assistance with routine housekeeping tasks and tasks related to personal physical needs. 

  • Respite

Short term care and supervision to relieve client's unpaid caregiver.

  • Home Delivered Meals

Nutritious meals delivered to eligible home-bound individuals

  • Minor Home Repair

Adaption, structural repairs, cooler tune-ups and repairs, furnace maintenance, and emergency home repairs and/or modifications to the home. 

Senior Employment Program

Part-time community service training opportunities for persons with low incomes who are 55 years or older while preparing them for job placement. 

Oracle Seniors Home Alone Unit

The Home Alone Unit is provided free of charge to Oracle Residents. It is administered by Pinal County through the Community Human Resource Agency and is maintained by the Oracle Fire Department. Contact Debra Goodman, Central Intake/Case Manager at 520-836-2758 or email

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