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David H Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party

The 2nd David H. Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party was September 21st through the 25th. This year's Party paired with free public events featuring amazing musicians, artists, and speakers. Special lectures from the legendary Comet Discoverer, David H. Levy, are highlighted with other renowned speakers on September 21 at Oracle State Park. Ticket holders had access to a couple of special tours plus the speaker workshop.

Introducing the Oracle Dark Sky Cultural Festival
(for amaetur astronomers and the public)

Friday night, September 23rd


Open to the Public! Delight in special stargazing, music, or food events at four American Avenue locations in Oracle. Sunset will be 6:18 pm, and most events run between 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm. Make sure you visit each location as the telescope viewing will be set to specific and distinctly different objects for gazing. Object assignments are:

nonna marias.jpg

Nonna Maria's

2161 N Rockliffe Boulevard

Viewing Focus: Nubulae

Oracle Community Center

685 East American Avenue

Viewing Focus: Galaxies

oracle community center.jpg
oracle patio cafe.jpg

Oracle Patio Cafe & Market

270 West American Avenue

Viewing Focus: Planets

Ore House Hilltop Tavern

1200 N Jefferson Drive

Viewing Focus: Star Clusters

Ore House Hilltop Tavern.jpg

Friday night's special guest musicians include:


dAvid Argentati

Mother Cody

Soul Essential


Saturday, 24 September


All-day activities at Oracle State Park are open to the public, and there will be a star party at the Park that evening. A modest Oracle State Park gate fee ($7/car) is required.

Oracle has a strong interest and passion for preserving our dark-sky heritage and we are preparing to celebrate the Oracle Dark Sky Cultural Festival (ODSCF) with local artists, musicians, and culinary delights. These open-to-the-public events combined with public stargazing, and an intriguing Bat Experience at Oracle State Park will make for a fun and memorable week of supporting the arts, nature, and dark skies. Several businesses throughout Oracle are celebrating by hosting their own events. Please check the calendar and Featured Events for more information on these events.

Visit the ODSCF Facebook page for schedule updates. Entry to most of the venues of ODSCF is free of charge.

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Event Locations on Maps

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:

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